Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"The Space Between", "I Can See Clearly Now" and More...

Hi everyone! It seems a lot has been going on since we last saw you guys so I thought I'd send an update. I hope everyone had a great summer. Ours was fun! After we saw you, we had two long weekends in Breckenridge (4th of July and Labor Day weekends) -- we love it up there! We also went camping, and Eric and I had a getaway night to a B&B in Evergreen while Tyler and Connor had a fun sleepover with their buddies Miles and David. A couple weekends ago, we got to see and ride with Thomas the Tank Engine at Day Out with Thomas.

Tyler lost his first tooth on Grammy's birthday (July 6) and the second one a week later ("The Space Between" picture to the left). His two top ones are loose now. He played T-ball this summer and is playing soccer now. He started 1st grade in mid-August and said that his first day of 1st grade was the best day of his life. I'm glad he likes school...but geesh -- haven't we done some fun stuff as a family? :-) His first day of school picture is below, and it has Connor in it because he yelled "Wait for MEEEEEE!!" when he saw me taking a picture of just Tyler. We found out Tyler needs glasses, but only for distance. He has just been wearing them to see the board in class ("I Can See Clearly Now" picture below!) This summer, Tyler also learned to ride his two wheeler unassisted!

Connor is doing great in his big boy underwear, and has hardly had any accidents. He got a big boy bed last weekend and thinks that's pretty cool. He is also working on stopping sucking his thumb. We've been talking about how it will bend his teeth and he said he wasn't going to suck it anymore, so he has been wearing a band-aid on his thumb as a reminder. He has gone 10 days without sucking his thumb! He's growing up so fast!! The things he says continue to crack us up -- the other morning he climbed into bed with us, got on top of Eric and said, "You're splendid!"

Eric and I are still plugging away at our jobs and having fun with our crazy kids. They're planning to be a knight (Tyler) and Batman (Connor) for Halloween, and want whoever takes them trick-or-treating to dress up too...we'll see how that goes...!

Hope all is well with y'all! Happy Autumn!!