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More brew pub


Brew pub

Smoky mountain brewery.

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On the train

On our way

On the bus to the airport.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chelsea Dagger

 photo from

Well you must be a girl with shoes like that
She said you know me well
I seen you and little Steven and Joanna
Round the back of my hotel oh yeah

Someone said you was asking after me

But I know you best as a blagger
I said tell me your name is it sweet?
She said my boy it's dagger oh yeah

I was good she was hot

Stealin' everything she got
I was bold she was over the worst of it
Gave me gear thank you dear bring yer sister over here
Let her dance with me just for the hell of it

Well you must be a boy with bones like that

She said you got me wrong
I would've sold them to you
If I could've just have kept the last of my clothes on oh yeah

Call me up take me down with you

When you go I could be your regular belle
And I'll dance for little steven and Joanna
Round the back of my hotel oh yeah

I was good she was hot

Stealin everything she got
I was bold she was over the worst of it
Gave me gear thank you dear bring yer sister over here
Let her dance with me just for the hell of it

Chelsea Chelsea I believe when your dancing

Slowly sucking your sleeve
The boys get lonely after you leave
It's one for the Dagger and another for the one you believe!

Chelsea I believe when your dancing

Slowly sucking your sleeve
The boys get lonely after you leave
It's one for the Dagger, another for the one you believe!

Friday, June 4, 2010

tee shirts


Anybody planning on changing the color of their tee shirts? The kids have grown out of theirs and we're thinking about changing.

Jon and Jenny

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bedrooms in Tanasi

Hey all,

Here's the email I sent out earlier (way earlier) with the bedroom assignments drawn. I just wanted to post it here. Can't wait to see you all.


Hey all,

When Grammy and PapaLou were here before Christmas, we picked names out of a hat on floor bedroom assignments for the Tanasi Lodge in Tennessee.

There are 4 king bedrooms on the main floor. Here are the families staying on the main floor:
PapaLou and Grammy
Jeff and Debbie (Amber, Cody and Zach will be on the bottom floor - see below)
Jon and Jenny
Tracy and Eric

There are 4 king bedrooms on the upper floor. 2 of which have an adjoining bathroom and the other is a large bathroom to share...
Jerry and Lisa
Tim and Michele
Ted and Mary
Greg and Kara

There are 3 bedrooms on the lower floor. There is one with a set of twin beds for Cody and Zach. There is one full for Amber and one empty bedroom with a Queen.

There are a couple of futons and sofas available also - (we're thinking we'll have lucas sleep with us and Maya sleep on a futon or sofa or maybe share the empty queen one night - we're flexible). We may bring along a foam mattress for her as well.

We can't wait to see y'all there. Only 164 days til the Trash reunion 2010!

Love to all,
J and J

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Games Ect

We plan on bringing games like, Mousetrap, Sequence, Trouble, Scattergories, Dice and numerous decks of cards. Jeff will be bringing the playstation 3 also. If you can think of any other games please chime in.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Tahoe is all ready to go!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TRASH '10 Update

Hi All,
I called Cindy Britt today (Tanasi Lodge). She can get discount prices for rafting, but if we want to go just 3 miles from the Lodge, we can raft and swim right there for a minimal amount and we won't need reservations. She will give us brochures. Also, she knows someone who works at Dollywood and she can get us some $24 tickets....not sure how many. She said Tommy & Connor would be free. She has lots of info for us, so the first night, we will probably be spending deciding on our plan of attack for the week. By then, we should know what the weather looks like, etc. So it seems like we don't need to make prior reservations for anything.

So, it sounds like there will be plenty to do. There are also some nice hiking areas around there.

She is going to send me driving directions to the Lodge and brochures for activities.
That's all for now!

Who wants a room East of Nashville for Sat night? Let me know. There is a Country Inn & Suites for around $60.
Love from Grammy /Papa Lou

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plans for TN

Hi All,
I called Cindy Britt (owner of Tanasi Lodge) today just to touch bases. There is a Sam's Club in Knoxville (1 hr) and a Kroger in Wears Valley (where Tanasi is). According to the calendar, no one is in the Lodge the night before and the day after we check out, so we will be able to get in earlier (around 1-2 pm) and check out won't be hurried. Jon & Jenny are looking at activities. Please let us know what you are interested in doing.

Smoky Mtn. Natl Park - hiking, picniking
Gaitlinburg - small shops

Everything sounds like fun, but time will limit what we can plan.
I would like to go rafting (the gentle one), think it would be a good family outing.
also I have found a nice easy hike in the mtns by a waterfall. We will have to plan the rafting, Dollywood, and golfing prior to getting there. Papa Lou and I are really up for anything. So, put in your preferences and maybe you have other suggestions. Let us know.

Saturday Night

Is anyone arriving in the area on Saturday? Just wondering if anyone found a good hotel or if anyone is planning on staying in Nashville and then drive over on Sunday.


If anyone wants to go to Dollywood, we can save 10 dollars a ticket by ordering the tickets 1 week in advance for groups of 15 or more?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

here are some websites if you care to take a peek on things to do in TN.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I found the blog!!! It's been a long time since we used this, gang!
We are starting to think about Tennessee and plans. Papa Lou and I plan on driving, leaving LV on the 9th. EVERYONE...don't forget your family color tshirts. If you no longer have them or don't like your can get more at Michael's (inexpensive). Love you all and can't wait to get together again. Grammy

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is still here

So, no one has added anything to in a long while, but it is still sitting here.

There is a new look to it, so you should probably come at least check it out.

Those of you who could make posts before still can (assuming you remember your user name / password), and those of you who want to be able to make posts can let me know.  You'll have to register with google's blogspot, but it isn't really that bad ... if Huera can figure it out ... well, you know.

I think a notification email is still going out to everyone when a post occurs.  I think I have everyone's email correct.  Let me know if you didn't get the email.