Sunday, December 30, 2007

Grammy & Papa Lou Blogging

Never thought there would be a day that WE would "blog", but here we are! C'mon, y'all, now if we can do it, so can all of you!! This is really a great thing that Eric has set up for us all to talk about and plan for TRASH '08. Thanks, Eric!

Plans: We have reservations at YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch, Winter Park, CO
beginning Sunday, June 22 - Wed, June 25. We can't check in until around 3 pm on Sunday. We were thinking it would be nice if the majority of you could be in Denver area maybe on Friday. We realize it depends on your work, travel plans, etc. That way, we could stay at La Quinta, which is near Tracy's (they have a pool) and do some things in the Denver area before going up to our mountain retreat. We could also do some planning as to what everyone wants to do once we get up there. I've heard interest in hiking, biking, Alpine slide, rafting, fishing. We would probably have to make reservations for some activities prior to going there, ie. rafting.

Tracy reserved a Family Reunion Cabin, which has 8 separate bedrooms and each has their own bathroom. I think you may be able to see a floor plan on some of the info Eric has put on this site. It will be either the Independence or Heritage Reunion Cabin.

Don't know about you, but Papa Lou and I are excited about this. Should be lots of fun!

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