Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TRASH '10 Update

Hi All,
I called Cindy Britt today (Tanasi Lodge). She can get discount prices for rafting, but if we want to go just 3 miles from the Lodge, we can raft and swim right there for a minimal amount and we won't need reservations. She will give us brochures. Also, she knows someone who works at Dollywood and she can get us some $24 tickets....not sure how many. She said Tommy & Connor would be free. She has lots of info for us, so the first night, we will probably be spending deciding on our plan of attack for the week. By then, we should know what the weather looks like, etc. So it seems like we don't need to make prior reservations for anything.

So, it sounds like there will be plenty to do. There are also some nice hiking areas around there.

She is going to send me driving directions to the Lodge and brochures for activities.
That's all for now!

Who wants a room East of Nashville for Sat night? Let me know. There is a Country Inn & Suites for around $60.
Love from Grammy /Papa Lou

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