Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Orleans

Jeff and I are stopping in New Orleans Wednesday and Thursday before the reunion. We are staying at the Westin across from Harrah s. Its just a few blocks from Bourbon street. The hotel has a rooftop pool that overlooks the Mississippi River and New Orleans. The kids want to do a haunted tour and the girls want to try and do a mansion tour. On the way to Destin we are going to stop at the USS Alabama memorial in Mobile. We will also be in Destin Friday to avoid traffic on Saturday. We will be staying at the CandleWood Suites in Destin. Feel free to join us. I know dad and grammy are considering it.


  1. We need to get Deb/Jeff and Greg/Kara on the blog site.

  2. Hi Everyone,
    June is going to be here before we know it and we are really looking forward to getting together again with all of you in Destin. We are planning on taking care of the house rental if you all will pay for the food and drinks. It is our gift to all of you.

    Now that we know the area a little better, you may want to research and see what things you might want to do. We get one free round of golf at Bluewater Bay Golf Club. Their fee is $75 for 18 holes which includes 1/2 of the cart rental (wierd, right?)
    There is Big Kahuna Water Park. I know Jon mentioned the Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin air Force Base (free admission) which I think the boys might like. He knows more about that. I'm sure you all can google info on area attractions.

    As most of the kids have outgrown their "colored tshirts"......I was thinking maybe white shirts and khaki shorts for pictures??? (Copying Jon & Jenny's idea) Don't want anybody to go out and buy something they don't already have. So, if you don't have khaki, no problem. I think everyone has some type of white shirt or tshirt. What do you think? Any other ideas?

    Don't forget the talent show!!!! Adults.....the kids love to see you participate too!! Some of our fondest memories are when you were kids and we had our talent shows.....we still talk about them.

    I don't care what you decide about rooms. If someone wants to trade just let the others know and trade amongst yourselves. Otherwise, we'll keep the same rooms.

    Lastly, I know you are all very busy, but if you can find some time it would be great if all of you could come up with some suggestions for TRASH 2016. It's difficult to find large enough places. We need at least 8 bedrooms. If each of you could come up with one or two, then we could all make a decision.

    Looking forward to seeing you all in Destin!!!! Let's all get on the TRASH Blog so we can communicate.

  3. Hi Trashy Family! It's right around the corner now....June 21-28! I was rethinking the ideal of white shirts and khaki pants....Papa Lou said, and he is right, that it wouldn't be as colorful. So, everyone do your own thing...wear whatever you want, because, as you all know, we ARE a colorful family!! Tommy's birthday will be the Sunday 6/22. Activities mentioned for the week have been deep sea fishing, pontoon boats to Crab Island, Aviation Museum, golf.......and just hanging out! Jon, do you still have a Sam's Club membership? Looking forward to all being together again!!

  4. Not too long now!!!! For activities, go to the Ocean Reef Vacation Rental website (Destin) and click on the link Reef Rewards. It will tell you all about golf, fishing, etc. etc. I was told one person per day is free on the golf course Bluewater Bay. The others get a discount rate which is $45-$55.

    1. Teddy I will play golf with ya. But I have to admit i do suck at it.

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  6. Jon (and others), I'm reconsidering golf during the trip. If there are 4 of us bringing clubs and wanting to go, that's fine. But if there are only a couple of us interested, it's probably not worth lugging the clubs along. If it's super hot or raining, it may not even be possible. Right now, I'm leaning toward not packing my clubs....we can always rent them at the course if we really get the urge to go. Let me know what you think...

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