Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Horseback Riding, Anyone?

Several of you showed interest in horseback riding while you're here, so Grammy and I checked into it. The place that YMCA recommends is Sombrero Stables -- more info at

They have 1-hour rides for $32/person and 2-hour rides for $45/person. They also have breakfast and dinner rides, but I thought we may not want to do this since the cost is quite a bit more and I know at least our kids wouldn't eat enough to make the cost worth it. Let me know if there's interest in that, though.

Kids age 1-4 can ride with a parent, and kids 5 and up can ride their own horse.

Will y'all please respond and let me know if you're still interested after learning the price? If we have a group that wants to do this, I'll block a time for us.

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