Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whitewater Rafting Info

I found out from Winter Park that the nearest whitewater rafting they recommend is Mad Aventures. They have two places to go rafting -- Idaho Springs and Kremmling. Idaho Springs is on the way to Winter Park from Denver, and is actually closer to Denver than to Winter Park. I was thinking if anyone wanted to do this, it would be good to do it the day we head up or the day we head back from Winter Park. But it's Class III-IV rapids, so kids have to be at least age 13. I'm guessing this leaves us out, unless there's a group of adults that wants to go.

Kremmling has Class I-III rapids, so kids age 4 and up can raft. However, Kremmling is about an hour drive from Winter Park. Not sure if anyone wants to make that trek.

I'll assume we'll pass on the whitewater rafting, unless I hear otherwise from some of you.

Feel free to come back and visit us any time when you might have more time to raft!

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