Friday, June 13, 2008

TNT's Colorado Vacation Definitions

Hello everyone! In light of our gracious hosts posts regarding tips and tricks for our Colorado trip, I thought I would share some of my slightly skewed "definitions" of the suggestions:

Altitude Sickness: perfect excuse to lounge around
High Altitude: standing by my lawn chair rather than sitting in it
Sunscreen: the umbrella over my lawn chair
Hydration: lots of Coors Lite (it's a pretty watery beverage, right?)
Hiking: the walk to the cooler for Coors Lite, and also to the bathroom
Group Hike: Jon and I walking to the cooler for Coors Lite (Budweiser)
Whitewater Rafting: my kids thrashing in the pool while I lay on a blow up raft
Rain Gear: the roof on the cabin
Walkie-Talkie: my children
Dressing in layers: if I decide to wear shorts AND underwear that day
Eating Foods and High in Potassium: Beer nuts
Horseback Riding: when my kids crawl on my back while lounging on the floor
Swimsuit: two words: Banana Hammock!

Looking forward to it!

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  1. I love the tips lol. My family and I recently rented a house in Vail, Colorado. It was an amazing trip! We loved the skiing and hiking. Vail vacation home rentals are the way to vacation. I highly recommend this location.